Enabling MPS with Business Intelligence

Netaphor SiteAuditTM tools enable the best managed printer services.  Manage local and networked printers with analysis, alerting and reporting.  From comprehensive meter and supplies tracking to service performance measures such as Uptime percentage, SiteAudit tools provide the industry’s most advanced auditing and fleet management capability.  Use SiteAudit OnSite for enterprise and security sensitive environments or SiteAudit Hosted for cloud customers.

  • Fleet Audit & Management
  • Metering & Analysis
  • JIT Supplies Alerting
  • Move, Add & Change
  • Fleet Health Metrics
  • Cost Management
  • Map Printer Assets


Key Features

  • Discovery and Data Collection uses Adaptive Fleet Technology (AFT)
  • Tracks 24 Separate Meters
  • Tracks Supplies, Yields & Estimated Replacement Metrics
  • Service Performance Measures e.g. Uptime
  • Tracks Moves, Add & Changes (iMAC/R)
  • 70 Standard Reports & Unlimited Customized Reports, Web & Scheduled Reports 
  • Rules-based Alerts and Thresholds

Key Benefits

  • Imperceptible Network Traffic
  • Handles any Billing or Volume Analysis
  • Just in Time ordering, Yields for Profit Analysis
  • Reduces service costs, Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Most Accurate Inventory Management
  • Widest Array of Reporting Options
  • Alerts priorities that optimizes fleet performance
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